Rolldown Close-fit


Rolldown Close-fit
  • close fit polyethylene (PE) lining technique
  • specifically designed to install structural or non-structural liners for pipes from 100mm to 500mm pipe
  • liner SDR’s 11 - 33
  • the PE pipe is structural and is concentrically reduced prior to insertion and reverted to its original size after installation (by pressurization with water at an ambient temperature)
  • long length PE pipe insertion in a single pull (> 1,000m)
  • PE pipe diameter reduction to 10%, which enables easy insertion
Proces sanacije oštećene cevi uvlačenjem standardne PE cevi u postojeću cev
  • liner can be processed off-site and transported to work site
  • Insertion process is simple slip lining
  • Bends up to 11.25 degrees can be negotiated
  • Suitable for all host pipe materials